Hi All:
I am a rookie visual basic.net programmer
I am trying to develop a bible software using VB2005.Net (as my end of the term project whic i am supposed to submit in April) but i am a bit stucked as to how to start. so far i have designed the interface and i have downloaded the kjv version of the bible in .txt file format.
In a nutshell My software is going to be like a mini bible where u can choose the version of the bible you want to read with the appropriate book, chapter and verse. Also if one is looking for a word in the bible one, i have created a textbox where you can write the word and search for it.

My problem is that i dont have a clue as to what to do next, and how to load the text i have downloaded into my visual basic form and can anyone please explain to me the next course of action to take or what area i need to read, ...so that i can start ASAP.

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What do you mean by:

how to load the text i have downloaded into my visual basic form

Please elaborate on what you mean by saying that you have "downloaded into my visual basic form". Also include where you stand, and exactly what you are trying to do.

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