I wrote a program which takes CNF-files as input. It takes from 1 sec up to 1 hour to finish its task (Checking satisfiability).
However, there is one CNF file which takes about 1 hours before it spurts out the message:

aborted <core dumped>

... and creates an *.exe.stackdump file.

I have no idea where the bug comes from, since the code works fine for other CNF-files and the contents of the stackdump is a cryptic info (I tried with addr2line to decipher it and couldn't).
Could somebody tell me how to go about debugging in this case?
Could this problem be assoicated with cygwin/Windows?

Thank you!

Since the program works for many CNF files (what are they, by the way?) - can you find anything different about the problematic data? Is it significantly longer? Could you have a buffer overflow?

More info gets better responses.