i am new to .net...

i created the many datagrid view at run time,

My datagrid view have a check box. when user clicks that check box.
i need to get that row information..

how can i set the event handler for all datagrid view......

i think u can understand my problem....

DataGridView dgv = new DataGridView();
dgv.CellValueChanged += new DataGridViewCellEventHandler(dgv_CellValueChanged);


i followed the same thing in my program but i got some error

datagridview[intindex]=new Datagridview();

datagridview[intindex].cellvaluechanged +=new DataGridViewCellEventHandler(datatgridview[intindex]_CellValueChanged);

error is : missing ;
missing (
missing )

maximum i tried to solve. but i m not able to solve it

pls share ur idea


Finally i got the answer..

that my mistake. i m not created the event funtion. so thats why i faced that problem..

Thank you,

The greatkk