hi guys i am a student of b-tech i want a ppt for my mini project i.e. web browser using vb.net .If u Know the sites from which i can get it plzz tell.....

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If you have done the project yourself, preparing a final year project assignment report should hav been a trivial job . Who will code for you after you join a software company and prepare a report of your work ?

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Herbicide seems good - would that work?

You had a mini project, but now it's grown wildly into something of triffid proportions, and you want help fighting it back into it's small box?

What is there to say?
- took MS Web browser control
- added a few MS buttons and other fluff
- tada!, the answer.

send ppt for about above topic

search ur project from internet

how to draw usecase,and sequance diagram for web browser project(if will project develope in vb.net)

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