I am having trouble installing python 2.5/2.6 correctly on my linux box. I am trying to install in my home directory as I do not have root access. The poor python documentation in this regard makes it impossible to get this right.

I want to install python in $HOME/local/lib and $HOME/local/bin. So that I can set the prefix correctly to my home directory when using scripts such as easy_install, etc.

Now I have a gzipped tar ball downloaded from python site. Could you please give me the commands I need to execute to install it from Python-2.5.tgz correctly in the proper structure from my home directory.

thank you!!


There is something in the README that comes with Python explaining how to install to a different path, but it would be simpler to install for your distro. Can you install software or do have to do it yourself because you don't have root? If you can install, then what distro are you using. Also you will probably have to add $HOME/local/lib and $HOME/local/bin to your path. You might try Active State's version. From the docs at http://docs.activestate.com/activepython/2.6/installnotes.html#aspackage
"To install interactively, simple run the install script without arguments. The install script will prompt you for an installation directory. On Unix: (Linux)
% tar xzf ActivePython-version.tar.gz
% cd ActivePython-version
% ./install.sh"

It also explains how to add the path so bash can find it.