Hey everyone,

So, for a class I am taking, I am building a Lego robot whose main function is to drive around a room and collect data (via a sonar sensor) as to where objects are in its surroundings. Some of the data I will collect is:

Current robot position, location of object found (in relation to the robot), amount of reflective light given off by the object (via a light sensor).

Anyways, this data will be communicated back to my computer, where I need to write a program in C to create a visual map of the data that the robot collected. Does anyone have any opinions or suggestions as to how I might go about doing this? The first thing I thought of was OpenGL (which I've never used), but my professor said there may be simpler alternatives to this.

Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


I guess you can look at using the gnuplot library for simple graphs etc. i'm assuming you are working on *NIX

I'm working with the NXT. I will check out gnuplot...thanks!