Hi all,
My name is Erik. I'm new here. I was just wondering if anyone could give me any advice on a strange ftp problem I am having. Most ftp connections (through ftplib) if I put the wrong username and password in they raise an error my try except catches it and i can run a "Wrong Login" message. However, my new server's ftp (media temple) when I give the wrong username and password ftplib just hangs. This is problematic because it hangs my code everytime. Has anyone had similar problems with ftp? I was thinking of making some sort of timeout function but was unsuccesful. Thanks in advance.

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Does it really just hang, or perhaps return the wrong error code?

Usually when I run into this kind of problem I telnet to port 21 and type in the USER and PASS commands manually. Try this; you may find the server giving an unexpected message. That might require you to hack up ftplib to get things working, but at least you'd know the problem.

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