Hi everybody i really need your help, this is my problem:

I have a c++ dll that use MFC, i need to use it in a c# project
I need to end with another dll that to use it in the c# project

I just cant find solution all over the internet, i have found many but not well documented solutions so i just got confused a lot :S pleasssee somebody orient me. i have found this solutions:

1.- in the same project of the c++dll make a managed class that act as a proxy. i tried this but a lot of compilation errors because i need to use /clr option.

2.- in another project a c++ managed project use the unmanaged c++ dll and create a kind of proxy. i just couldnt make use the dll.

3.- in c# create rcw with sentences like comimport, marshal, etc. but i just cant find a good tutorial that explain everything example i dont know where to get the guid of the dll....

any help please!!!!!

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What about Project->Add reference!!

Come on! that was the first thing i did!! it doesnt work!!!! because it is not managed code! :@!

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