Does anybody know a good way place to find developers for an open source project?

right here!!!

what do you want to develop, im already interested

I am on sourceforge, but I haven't been garnering any help at all. Also its interface is cumbersome making it hard to get anything done.

While I do like launchpad and the bazaar dcvs (worked on a project there before), I was unsure of whether they'd accept a Windows only project.


What's the project? The strength of python is its portability.
Edit:Just clicked the link, Ignore my post.

Ok, so you appear to have some code there already. I don't see any notes there about what you want to do that needs more developers.

Where are you wanting to take the project that you would like to have help with?

(If I offered to help, what would you like me to do?)

The event system I built needs review (practicality, speed assessment etc.),

I need guidance on implementing the layout system. (this is my current development focus)
64-bit compatibility
Font system (I am not very experienced in typography)
Core windows API is quite large, might be less tedious to wrap if split up among developers.
Need other people to bounce ideas of (I realize my judgment may not always be the best).

what i could do:

assesment, i could lookup font systems, and ideas.


do you have any example code of its usage?

The code in the launchpad branch (now linked to from the sourceforge site) has a very minimal inside. Other than that there's no real example code yet.

one problem noticed, in your example you set it to import ct however there isnt a module that you have posted called ct.

That's because the example is geared to the code in the launchpad branch. In the launchpad branch there is a ct package (directory called ct with inside).

One thing i should have mentioned, the code in the sourceforge release is incompatible with the code in the launchpad branch. I did some shifting around of the api to get some better organization. The preview code would have to be refactored in order to work with the code in the launchpad branch (which is the main development branch now).

yeah i tried to download that folder but it wouldnt let me so i downloaded the individual files and saved it in a folder called ct, how could i just download the actual folder?, and also using firfox when i try to go to it raises the error that it contains no data do you know why?

I would like to better understand your vision for the project.

What are the project's goals?

When it is 'done' what do you see being able to do with it?

Who would be the intended users?

Why would they choose this alternative over the others?

You most likely don't have an irc client installed. I quick one would be chatzilla as it's a firefox plugin (and quite powerful too).

You can download launchpad branches using bazaar. The windows installer for that program is here (alternatively if you use cygwin, look for a program called bzr).

Once you have it installed, the command is bzr branch lp:curtains (make sure the command line directory is set to where you want to download the code to).

i found out my problem: i didnt copy all the files, yes im an idiot.
i spent a bit of time removing the

from . import 'file'

as it raised an error i now have this problem.
when i run the test file it raises this error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Python30\Lib\ct\", line 3, in <module>
    app = ct.Application()
  File "C:\Python30\lib\ct\", line 16, in __init__
    raise Exception("You already have an application instance.")
Exception: You already have an application instance.

why does this occur?

Hi Murtan. Simple:

1. An easy to use and superbly documented GUI framework for Python 3

2. Well 'done' is pretty much something I don't see happening. Here's what version 1 should do: Make general purpose Windows applications that pretty much blend well with the platform. I would be able to declare the user interface separately from the program code if I so choose to. I would be able to use newer Windows controls when targeting computers running newer versions of Windows if I so choose.

3. Python programmers who need to make a Windows app fast.

4. It would be easier (at least for python programmers) to use. It would have great documentation and in-depth examples. Programmers would have easy access to some windows controls not present in other toolkits (because of cross-platform compatibility).

And it won't suck the fun out of programming with Python. :P

i just saw your previous post, im finally on your irc but do you have any idea about the error raised?