Hi all

This may seem relly naive but I'm only new to C++. If, in the future I want to build charting software for stock-charts, etc and want a very professional and portable widget toolkit to use with C++ which one should I use and what should I be looking for.

Are some better than others? Are they free or do you pay for them?
Obviously I'm not so familiar with this area so lots of detail woudl be great. If anyone knows some good books that can answer allot of these questions that would also be very helpful.
Thanks so much.

So, you are a new bie in C++. You are just doing console programming right now. Right? I mean all sought of Black& white interface. You want create a window-like GUI.
Hmm, Well, there are lot of GUI library out there. You can try anyone you want. But the choice matters.
I personally use GTK+ Library which is (i feel the best) free, cross-platformed, LGPLed and comes with a huge support. Basically it is meant for C users. But there exists a (famous) C++ port to it which implements GTK+ as a OOP tool. It is called gtkmm (GTK minus minus). Go grab it.
BTW, what is your compiler, Operating system?

Also, wxWidget is a good library indeed. You can check that as well.

Thanks so much for your reply. I'm using DevC++ (bloodshed) but i'm only at the phase of learing how things fit into eachother but in time the more I know the more I'll be able to move from subject to subject in C++.

I've also read about Zinc and NextStep. Are these ok? What kid of money would I pay for this kind of thing?

Can I make charts using any of the above? Thanks again.

If it's on Windows, you don't need anything.
Just use the standard Chart control

look at QT