Hi there,
My friend has got vista in his laptop , now when he tries to run a Graphics program in TurboC it doesnt show the output ( there's no coding problem, BGI header files all are ok)
So i gave him Turboc 4.5 , now this TC hasnt got BGI folder ..
So how to run Graphics under this TC.

Also i would like to know which GUI Compiler is better that TC ,
I have also Tried DevC++ , but wasn't able to run graphics in it.

Vista has changed a lot of things, one of them is it won't run the graphics programs produced by the old Turbo C compilers. You have to use a new compiler and use normal win32 api graphics functions which are NOT GBI. So you have to just forget everything you thought you knew about TurboC graphics and learn everything all over again from scratch. You can find tutorials all over the net.

You can't use that ancient Borland BGI DOS-mode graphics with other compilers.
Alas, welcome to the Wonderland of native Windows graphics!..

Of course, you may use more comfortable Forms graphics with MS VC++ or GUI libraries (wxWidgets, for example) for all modern C++ compilers. In any case you must redesign your TC/BGI GUI applications.

Pay off old scores (for antiquated tools of a single producer with non-standard obsolete features)...

PS. Some years ago I have seen "BGI to native Windows GUI" port but I never used it and I'm not sure that it's accessible now...