we have developed one software that is used some feature such as barcode. we use at previous zebra pritner. when zera barcode pritner hd broken we buy citizen cl7201e label printer .

Please share me knowledege of cl7201e pritner seeting and how to print from c# program use code 39 fonts for label?

Share me knowledge.
with best reagrd........

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That is...incredibly specific. You'll have much better chances contacting the manufacturer. As for the actual printing, here's some snippets from a barcode assignment i did a while back. In no particular order...

#region member variables/consts
        bool[] bCode = new bool[95];    //barcode bit data array
        bool bValidCode = false;        //flag that indicates a valid code
        const double dPrintPenSize = 0.33, //size of printing pen (33mm)
                     dPrintHeight = 25.0,  //height of printing area (2.5cm)
                     dPrintXOffset = 50,   //offsets used when printing
                     dPrintYOffset = 50;
        const int iPrintWidth = 160,       //width of printing area
                  iXOffset = 6;            //X offset (padding)
        //handles the print event
        private void prntDoc_PrintPage(object sender, System.Drawing.Printing.PrintPageEventArgs e)
            //set the page unit for printing
            e.Graphics.PageUnit = GraphicsUnit.Millimeter;
            //build the barcode on the page's graphics object
            BuildBarCode(e.Graphics, new Pen(Color.Black,
                (float)dPrintPenSize), iPrintWidth, (int)dPrintHeight, true);

        //handles the print button
        private void btnPrint_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            PrintDialog pDia = new PrintDialog();
            if (pDia.ShowDialog() == DialogResult.OK)
                // take printer settings from the dialog and set into the PrintDocument object
                prntDoc.PrinterSettings = pDia.PrinterSettings;
                // start the printing process, catch exceptions
                catch (Exception exc)
                    MessageBox.Show("Printing error!\n" + exc.Message, "Error", MessageBoxButtons.OK,


        //draws the barcode on a graphics object
        //arguments:  Graphics grMain -> object to draw to
        //            Pen p1          -> Pen to draw with
        //            int iWidth      -> Width of the barcode
        //            int iHeight     -> Height of the barcode
        //            bool bMode      -> True indicates textual mode
        private void BuildBarCode(Graphics grMain, Pen p1, int iWidth, int iHeight, bool bMode)
            //iterate each element of the code array and draw a line if its true
            for (int i = 0; i < 95; i++)
                if (bCode[i] == true)
                    grMain.DrawLine(p1, (iXOffset + (i * p1.Width) + (bMode == false ? 0 : (int)dPrintXOffset)),
                        (bMode == false ? 0 : (int)dPrintYOffset), iXOffset + (i * p1.Width) + (bMode == false ? 0 : (int)dPrintXOffset),
                        (bMode == false ? 0 : (int)dPrintYOffset) + iHeight);
            //this mode implies print mode, and draws my name and the barcode values
            if (bMode == true)
                grMain.DrawString(txtCode.Text + txtCheck.Text
                    new Font("Times New Roman", iWidth / 12),
                    Brushes.Black, new PointF(iXOffset + (int)dPrintXOffset, (float)iHeight + (float)dPrintYOffset));

Hope that helps.

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