I am downloading url using urllib2, the problem I am facing is some times server goes down and then read will take indefinite time. I dont want that, I want to raise a exception after 20 secs in this case. There is solution using signal.alarm but it works only for one thread. So I am looking for a solution without using signal.alarm.
How do I do this?

I tried setting defaulttimeout for socekt using, socekt.setdefaulttimeout(20) but it is only for opening url. It wont give exception while reading.

Dilip Kola

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This source code seems to contain other solutions http://code.google.com/p/timeout-urllib2/source/browse/trunk/timeout_urllib2.py.

Also the urllib module in python 3.0 (and may be 2.6?) seems to accept a timeout parameter for urlopen.

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Thanks for reply!!

we don't need python2.6 or 3.0!!
import socket
import urllib2

Now when we call urlopen it will raise timeout exception after 5 sec. But problem is with read()( to download content) it wont stop after 5 secs :( . signal.alarm works it we do this download sequentially, but I want to parallelize this downloading. So how to do this? Can we use signal.alarm in multiple threads ?


Signal only woks in main thread, in the process that is.

Basically threading is not for "mortals". Not even in python. But you can be a hero:) I am not one.
For instance killing a thread from the main thread is generally not possible. It is discouraged in java, too.

import threading
import os
import time
def download(site):
  os.system('wget %s' % site) #testing
  pass #download here using urllib
threadlist =[]

for site in websitelist:
   threadlist.append(threading.Thread( target=download,args=(site,)))

for thread in threadlist:

for thread in threadlist:
   #you cannot terminate the thread safely here based on downloadbegin

I would use subprocess and signal.
Killing a python interpreter subprocess with os.kill or win seems not so hard.

Couldn't you try to use a timer to close the object returned by urlopen after a certain time ? For example

from urllib2 import urlopen
from threading import Timer
url = "http://www.python.org"
fh = urlopen(url)
t = timer(20.0, fh.close)
data = fh.read()

I suppose that the fh.read() should raise an exception when fh.close is called by the timer. I can't test it because I dont know a site slow enough.

Thanks for solution!!
The solution you have given is closing fh immediately so I changed to below, and it is working :).

from urllib2 import urlopen
from threading import Timer
url = "http://www.python.org"
def handler(fh):
fh = urlopen(url)
t = Timer(20.0, handler,[fh])
data = fh.read()
Thank you, Gribouillis.

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