hi! ^_^

i am very confuse on how to edit an external file?
can someone tell me?

What exactly are you trying to do?
What do you understand and what are you failing to comprehend?
Do you have an example of what you want to happen and aren't getting the results you expect or are you just trying to get information about how to handle such a problem?

Try explaining your question a bit more and people will be more willing to help you with your problem. At the moment, I don't even know where to begin cause your question is so vague.

sorry but i don't need your opinion..

sorry but i don't need your opinion..

??? He was asking you a question relating to your problem. Albeit a bit rudely, it would probably be best (for your sake) to answer his question. You need to be more clear when asking questions in a technical field such as this, since that's all that programming is. Once you get the exact technical problem determined it's usually just a trivial matter of being used to the language you are writing in. But since you didn't ask a technical question, how can you expect any technical assistance?