I have a little problem. I have a lot of code in the backgroundWorker2 (//Do Stuff)
When pressing the button1_Click, everything works great and the code executes for the backgroundworker.

But if I now try to drag the form around on the desktop, the form will "get stuck"(Not Responding). It seems that something isn´t ready yet, it seems that the backgroundworker still is doing something even that I have confirmed by code that it has reached its defenitive last line of code. I can wait for a minute after it is ready too and the same problem happens ?

If I put all code as it is in the button1_Click instead, it works fine.

It is to much code to post here but what could this depend on. Could there be anything with the backgroundWorkercontrol that I have to check that it is ready or anything simular to this ?

private: System::Void button1_Click(System::Object^  sender, System::EventArgs^  e) 

private: System::Void backgroundWorker2_DoWork(System::Object^  sender, System::ComponentModel::DoWorkEventArgs^  e) 
//Do stuff
Re: backgroundWorker problem 80 80

I have searched the code and tried to see where the problem is and I have found these lines that I use.

If I uncomment these lines, the application will work properly and the Form will not "get stuck" and "Not Respond".
So these lines works if I use them inside a common button_Click event but not in the backgroundWorker ?

However the panels needs to be visible/invisible as the code shows.

panel5->Visible = false;
 panel13->Visible = false;
 panel14->Visible = false;
 panel15->Visible = false;
 panel20->Visible = false;

 panel8->Visible = true;
 panel8->Dock = DockStyle::Fill;
 Form2::Text = "New Text";
Re: backgroundWorker problem 80 80

What language is this? Is it "managed" C++?

Re: backgroundWorker problem 80 80

Yes it is, it is managed C++ in Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition.

What language is this? Is it "managed" C++?

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