hello everyone..

I have been given an assignment to do a mini project in my college using C.As such im in dire need of ideas for the same.
I need ideas for programming games,innovative programs etc..

till date they have taught us C pointers structures & arrays..
So ill have to be using only these for writing my programs..

Phalgun Guduthur

Try writing a program for playing tic tac toe (human vs computer).
Not really that much difficult you see. maybe your algorithm must try and test every possibility!!!!! Writing programs for chess is too difficult and such complex calculations can be done practicallly only by supercomputers, but tic tac toe is just a 3X3 matrix, so you won't have much problems!!

Writing programs for chess [complex calculations] can be done practicallly only by supercomputers

Sounds false to me. Who told you that? ;)

>Writing programs for chess is too difficult and such complex calculations can be done practicallly only by supercomputers

Darn! I knew that my Sony CLIE pda was a powerful machine, but I had no idea of its true supercomputer nature. ;)

adress book aplication with all possible details?

Just take a real life scenario(e.g. library, ticket booking, hospital) and simulate in your software project assignment.

hey it is possible to write a program using any computer, but the number of computations is limited by the processing power of the computer, More is the number of computations, the tougher is the computer to beat. In an international arena, it is required to analyse all possibilities, so it gets rather difficult if we use an ordinary computer, or maybe it takes a lot of time!!!!!!!

hey, Viswanathan anand and Kramnik individually played against a supercomputer, and not against Sony CLIE pda

For the purposes of his project, the program wouldn't need to be nearly as comprehensive. That being said, some fun projects include: Random essay generator, graph constructor(make individual points, connect them, identify if they are a shape or on a single line ect, give information about shape(or line) i.e. perimeter, area, ect), 3d tic tac toe(use your imagination, its quite interesting depending on how far you want to take it), the game of life(no not the board game, search it up), and lastly, a basic animation of an object using characters(think 2d array).

I've done all of these and they took me from either a day to a week. I personally suggest life, but the REG is quite entertaining depending on where you get your word bank and how you define your sentence structure(add past and future tense and it gets way more difficult).

@s_sridhar: You only need a supercomputer for chess if someone is stupid enough to even try and calculate every possible move(might as well call that infinite). Chess is a territorial game that just needs a basic AI system for a Human vs. Computer scenario; that and you only need to look-ahead and calculate "likely" possible moves that would be played not an infinite number.