Hi guys, got another question.

I have a dialog with a series of dropdowns, textboxes and checkboxes for entering and saving data into an access database. There is a load data button on that dialog which loads a second dialog box. This one has a datagridview which is linked to the same database. I have a search button and textbox for searching through the database and displaying the results.

I am a little stuck at this point. I want to be able to get the data from the selected row, close the second dialog and populate the original dialog with the selected information. I don't yet have any code for the load button on the second dialog to show. If i write anything I'll get it posted.

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You can set the Modifier property of the DataGridView in the second dialog box to public. Then if the dialog result is Ok, then you can access the selected row of the DataGridView from your first dialog.

Hope this helps
// Jerry


Hey, thanks for the reply.

I got it sorted a couple of days ago, forgot to mark this as solved.

Thanks anyway

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