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I also like to do small projects just for fun. Especially projects that I can use for my self.
Although I don't find this project very interesting here is what you can do:

> In one package write the classes as explained in the diagram.
> In another package, classes for writing and reading to/from files
> In another package write the GUI

Then call inside the code of the GUI the other classes to perfrom the functionality you want.

Also if you are new to java, then this project is not for you


yeah you are correct maybe this program is not for me....i should try with smaller mind building programs before i can handle this intermediate problem...ok thank you.....looks like it will be sometime before i'm able to use the program i was attempting to write...anywayz thanks


This is off topic. . But that appears to be a UML class diagram. . but for some reason it seems like the composition diamond on the Course_Student should be on the other side of the arrow?

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