Hello friends,
I am currently developing a chat application and I am having a small problem.

When the user send a message, the message appears in a text area, like in MSN and when the user receives a message the message again appears in the text area, its just a history. Hope you get my point.

The problem is that, when dealing with long messages. The horizontal scroll bar appears and I don't want that.

I just want the long message to stop at the end of the text area and continue on a new line. I don't want to see the horizontal scrollbar. I am using Netbeans.

Thanks in advance for any solution.

you could check the number of characters in the string, break it up into sections using a String ArrayList, and insert a \n after each string portion

Thanks for the answer, nice idea, i didn't think about that. But don't you think there is a built in function or something else to do the same thing. I want to optimize my code as far as possible.

Thanks Thanks Buddy ;).

I've never actually used it, but I think this should work.

When you are initializing the JTextArea add this line of code, but change chatArea to whatever variable you are using for your JTextArea.