create 3 class,InputForm,Manager and Student.use only class

below is the inputform class
public class InputForm {

public int input;

public double getInput(){

return input;

public void displayMessage(char grade){

return grade;



Student class

public class Student{

private double score ;

public Student (){


public Student(double score){

this.score = score;


public char determineGrade ()

if ((score > 80)&&(score <100)){

grade = 'A';

else if ((score >70)&&(score <79))

grade = 'B';

else if ((score >60)&&(score <69))

grade = 'C';

else if ((score >50)&&(score <59))

grade = 'D';


grade = 'E';
return grade;

Manager;a little confused
what is Ob:InputForms:Student

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i've created 3 class and just the last class
the UML diagram was

Manager class

One method is to use extends,but i need to use the class method to link the two class and i dont know how to declare the manager form.Never seen this kind UML declaration.I've runned the Student class and InputForm class and its ok.Just the manager form needs to be declared.


Your explanation doesn't make sense to me. And not everyone here knows UML. Although I have seen UML before, I don't know what you're trying to do.

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