im having difficulty with this python question as i am new to python.
the question is:

Draw up the list of possible inputs for a half adder and the
outputs that you expect. Implement a half adder in a few lines of python, so that the
variables o1 and o2 are based on i1 and i2.

i1= True
2 i2= False
3 ............................
o1 =?
5 o2 =?

now i know the function should be something like this :h(i1, i2) =>o1, o2

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so the coding should look something like this:

i1= True
2 i2= False
3 o2 = i1+i2
4 o1 = i1-i2

is that wrong also how does it print the o1 and o2 with results


I think the code should look like this

def half_adder(i1, i2):
    o1 = # put your formula here
    o2 = # put your formula here
    return o1, o2

Your formulas don't match the table in the wikipedia page (where True is 1 and False is 0)


ive look at the table

A half adder has two inputs, generally labelled A and B, and two outputs, the sum S and carry C. S is the two-bit XOR of A and B, and C is the AND of A and B.

so i1 and i2 will give o1
i1 or i2 will give o2

so how do i write that as a formula


ie try it all but it does work it keeps on give ... instead of results of o1, 02


can some plz show me what the formula is to put in the code

def half_adder(i1, i2): o1 = # put your formula here o2 = # put your formula here return o1, o2

i really dont get it


i know that but how do you put all that in to code so that it displays the results of o1 and o2 that what im having problems with


o1 == Sum and 02 == Carry and A B are the inputs.

s = a ^ b and c = a & b

Reread about the bitwise operators in your book.


hey chaney44145 thanks alot for your help i was have some trouble with the operations as i am new to python thanks

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