I am working on homework for my x86 assembly class. The purpose of the program is to open an existing file and display the first 20 lines of the file and then pause, display the next 20 lines, pause, etc. until the end of the file is reached. My professor is really terrible, he rarely ever takes us to the lab so we don't get much practice, and so it's hard to understand. The problem is that it doesn't pause after 20 lines, and once the end of the file is reached, it starts dumping register values and garbage data and then crashes. I am really stuck, can anyone help me? Here is my code:

TITLE MASM Template						(main.asm)

; Description:
; Revision date:

INCLUDE Irvine32.inc

buffer BYTE 500 dup(?)
bufSize DWORD ($-buffer)-1
errMsg BYTE "Cannot open file.",0dh,0ah,0
fileprompt BYTE "Enter file to display",0dh,0ah,0
filename BYTE 100 dup(?)
fileHandle DWORD ?
byteCount DWORD ?
lines BYTE 0
asdf BYTE ?

main PROC
	mov edx,OFFSET fileprompt
	call WriteString
	mov edx,OFFSET filename
	mov ecx,99
	call ReadString
	mov fileHandle,eax
	jne disploop
	mov edx,OFFSET errMsg
	call WriteString
	jmp QuitNow
	invoke ReadFile,fileHandle,ADDR buffer,bufSize,ADDR byteCount,NULL
	cmp byteCount,0
	je atEOF
	mov edi,0
	mov esi,byteCount
	mov buffer[esi],0
	mov al,buffer[edi]
	mov asdf,al
	mov edx,OFFSET asdf
	call WriteString
	cmp buffer[edi],13
	jne cm
	inc lines
	cmp lines,20
	je p
	jmp cm
	mov lines,0
	cmp byteCount,0
	je disploop
	inc edi
	jmp s
	invoke CloseHandle,fileHandle
main ENDP

END main

The irvine32.inc is from our textbook, so hopefully you guys can help me. If you need to know parameters or anything from any of the procedures, just say so and I'll post them, but I'm fairly certain that the problem lies elsewhere.

Have a counter increment it when it reaches 20 jmp to pause.

I have that:

inc lines
	cmp lines,20
	je p
	jmp cm
	mov lines,0

but it doesn't work.

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