Hi All -

I am using Hibernate Transactions in our project .
The flow is as follows.

JSP --> Actions -- > Business Layer --> Component Layer --> Persistence Layer --> Data base

Currentl I am doing Transaction management in Persistence Layer.

Can I do it in business layer ? The reason is , In a business layer in a function I am calling two methods which will connect to two different databases. If one Transaction is success and one fails I can't roll back both transactions as persistent layer is different for both and databases are different.

Thanks ,

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Your problem sounds extremely application specific. From my understanding, persistence layer is where the data is stored, so your question doesn't make sense anyway -- why would you be doing transaction management in your database? Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about here.


It is not application specific. It is regarding distributed transaction management. Persistence layer is where we can interact with database.(writing SQLS and HQLS).
Let me know if u need further info.

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