Hi there.

I'm creating a simple anti-cheat program for my game that kills most game cheating programs. (ex: WPE, Cheat Engine, etc.)

But I got stucked when trying to kill hidden processes. Say a program called "HideToolz". it can hide cheating programs from the process list, so that my anti-cheat program cannot detect it. (well, HideToolz can hide any other non-cheating related programs, too.)

And HideToolz itself is hidden from the process list in the Windows Task Manager, so that my program cannot block neither kill the process.

So, is there a way to detect and kill it? I'm using C#. but it would be okay if someone knows how to do this in C++ as I understand both languages.


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I don't know how HideToolz works, but can you try to get all processes with name "your process name you want to kill" and loop on their IDs and kill them using Process.Kill which in System.Diagnostics


It doesn't work. HideToolz (and programs hid by HideToolz) doesn't listed in the array. I've also tried to use some other task/process management tool, but no luck, hidetoolz still cant be seen by them.

You can get a copy of HideToolz by searching on google.


Don't use what? I'm avoiding my players from using it.
I just finding out how to detect and kill hidden processes. in this case, HideToolz.


I need the C#/C++ implementation >.< not autoit scripts

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