Hi guys,
I have list of class contain list of another class.

MyMessages class
list <myPackets> Packets;

myPackets class

I need advice which one is the right way to set myMessages class??

void set_myMessages(const int &ID, list <myPackets> Packets)


void set_myMessages(const string &ID, string Seq, string Text)

and also I need advice how to make a list of class.
atm I use,

list <myPackets> listPackets;
myPackets Packets;

It does work but, I couldn't print the listPackets using iterator?
so How do I print my list??? Also I need to sort list of my Packets, but
my list of packet contain 2 element seq and text, so I couldn't use sort() funtion, so any Idea how I sorting the data??
Thank You So Much

void set_myMessages(const int &ID, list <myPackets> Packets)

Hmm , good question , I have the past experience with dealing these
type of question. where you have to consider is list <myPacket> will
have a default constructor and a copy constructor and a assignment operator. Then this will work.

But if you using a big datastructures like this tell the linker to generate a big stack.Otherwise stackoverflows will be there.

guys thank you for all the input,
Finally I be able to make it works.

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