Ok I'm going to try to be as specific as possible. Here's my input file (at least to some effect):

#'s searched
1    3    3100    56801   .52   87925.32   2   Mitchell 1
                                                               boudreax 2
1    4    5480    56825   .81   68939.09   0
1    5    8520    56829   .89   10892.40   3   guillott 3
                                                                    harper   1
                                                                    galvez   3

The number I have indicated is the number of times that particular item has been searched. so basically what I need to do is save all those names and that last integer in two members of a structure. The only problem is when I read in the compiler will ignore leading white spaces. so it'll go to the second line and read the first item (Boudreaux) into the same member as the first item in the line above when really it should be with the rest of the names.

I surely hope my inquiry makes sense

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ok my file didn't line up right but I hope you can tell what I'm asking regardless


ok yeah I posted this prematurely. I just had an epiphany and I figured it out. Disregard


I've reconsidered and the idea I had does not work.
basically I have to save the first 7 peices of info into an array of structues and then the last two into an array of structures within that structure. I don't know how to get the right peices of info into the right members.

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