I am interested in working on this project and would like to know more about this project...I am a completely newbie to Python. So I would like to know what I should study in Python and features that will be useful for this prj. Could you also explain in details about prj? I will be doing this project on Python Windows..Awaiting quick reply...

Crete a simple folder synchronization tool. It's not that difficult. I am still a beginner and I did it for my first project.
{the os module is very useful for stuff like this}

{use a list to compare all the objects in the folder. Use the os.listdir(pathname) method for this purpose. If you use windows you can use the os.system command to pass commands to the command line and then copy file usin it}

{for two way synchronization simply swap the path for the source folder and destination folder. }

Good luck

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