I'm using the following link to learn how to pass VB string arrays to a C/C++ dll for editing.


The problem I'm having is, where is the vbapi.h? I've searched my hard drive for it and found nothing. I've also searched the net for where it could be possibly located, but still found nothing.

If anyone knows where the file is, if it exsists, your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

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Did you try this?

Ancient Dragon, thanks for the reply. Yes, I did and am currently searching the net for information. Not getting much. All I really need to do is include the path or the library file if they exist... i've search my entire hard drive and can't find them. SEARCH STRING VB*.*

I also did a google search for vbapi.h, location of vbapi.h, including vbapi.h. I'm continuing my search over here.


vbapi is no longer supported. Your article actually says so, but not very clearly (just under the article title, to the left). Try this article instead.
This one might be even newer/better.


Thanks for the info. I did read that line about it not being supported, but like you said they weren't really clear about what they meant, and just because something isn't supported doesn't mean that it doesn't exsist. It just means that you should use the new technology.

I'll give the articles you sent me a look through. Thanks a lot.

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