we were given this assignment to make a game in c++ using pointer, classes, structures etc! we were also asked to introduce graphics in the game to get bonus marks! i've coded the game but the problem is that i have no cluee watsoever how to introduce graphics in the game! and i really really need the bonus marks!! i'd be really thankful if u guys help with this!
hope u people will help me in getting those bonus marks!

Cheating may cause award of F grade

commented: He isn't cheating, he was just asking a question +0

> The Allegro Game Programming Library is definitely the way you should go !
agentx> hope u people will help me in getting those bonus marks!
>> We'd like to help you with this stuff but remember that we aren't doing the coding for you, you'll have to do that yourself :) ...

I prefer OpenGL or SDL, but sometimes when I need a little more I go with Irrlicht to take care of all the extra crap.

thanku dj for the reminder! yea i noe tux4 ! i just needed help, some clue to get started! thnks mosaic!

Personally I'd take a look at DirectX and using the texture feature or the mesh feature.

But that may confuse you a lot more than you need to be. Also it depends on how you're writing your game, is it Win32 or a console app. Since if it's a console app I don't think DirectX or OpenGL will do you any good.