I have many projects in a software. Although some files and classes are shared within these projects, there are classes used by most of these projects. How do i creat classes that can be shaed among different projects . Is there anything in java that can function the same as 'modules' in vb.net?
Thanks a lot.

Create a seperate Project with some classes and then you can import these classes like you import any other class:

import java.util.*

The only difference is that you will be importing your classes with their packages.
You can take the .class files (in their folder/package) or create a jar file with the classes. Then add that to the classpath of the project you want them to be used.

thanks lots i will try that...


Create .jar of those classes you want to use them in different projects and append the entry of .jar file CLASSPATH environment variable.

You can place .jar files in \jdk1.6.0\jre\lib\ext . (shared folder of jvm - am I?, Mr. Ancient Dragon.).