Hi, I was wondering if there is a way of stoping the automatic code generation for form controls. I want to stop .NET creating the Text property (and only this property) for the "initializecontrol" function, so that I can do it myself later on in the initialization(the values will be different, depending on a user-defined language, e.g. English, Spanish). But, .NET keeps generating the code, even if I set it to nothing in the properties window.
Any ideas!?

Not sure what the benefit is bacuse you can always customize or delete the Forms code. BUT... if all you want to do is start from scratch then simply create blank project and you can code away until your heart is content. Happy coding!


I'm using Ironspeed Designer for designing ASP.NET pages quickly. The product is good. It uses a lot of user controls. I found a problem in the page design.

Whenever I click on page in design mode or at least, when I view the design of the page, automatically some code is generated. i.e. declarations for most of the controls are created again and it is giving build errors like.. there is already a definition for.... I know, this is the feature of ASP.NET. Is there anyway of stopping automatic code generation?

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