i had to make the car racing game in c++ by using classes but can't understand it,
the requirement of the game r it contain speed o meter, fuel and gear system and move in all four direction plz help me....
no graphic r required just simple car game on dev c++....

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Here's a general answer to a general question: Find a pencil and paper. Write out what you need to do using psuedocode. Then write regular code using your compiler. Never write more than one function or action at a time without compiling.

If you want a more specific answer, ask a more specific question. Posting relevant code, error messages, etc, show us you have put in some effort, and aren't just sponging.

Agreed. Especially the pencil and paper part. Try using them to get an idea of what you want as the finished program.

can any one send me code plz i want to take continuous input from key board and move the car in all direction by using c++ classes concept plz help me ....................

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