I have a wxPython interface to an application (.pyw). I want to be able to run the application also from commandline to start the application as a batch procedure with the desired parameters.

If the application runs and parameters are available (sys.argv), I run, from the commandline without the GUI interface. So far so good, it works. A logfile is created, and all normal log instruction go to that logfile, not problem.

Now I want also some feedback in the commandline. I do not succeed to get any respons in the command window, even when I do not modify sys.stdout or stderr. I should at least be able to respond to the user all activity was succesfull...

How do I get feedback in the command window ?
Does the wxPython .pyw do some redirecting without me knowing ?
How do I reset the redirecting of .pyw ??
How do I redirect the choosen output to the command window ?



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Use .py instead of .pyw, as .pyw hides the console. .pyw are ran with pythonw.exe, whereas .py are ran with python.exe

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