I've wrote a small application which browse a folder and rename the files within that foldrer. However if the folder more then 500 files then the app tends to take a while to process.

I somehow or the other needs to show some sort of text displaying "processing..." or show an animated image so that the user can see somethign happening. Otherwise one just feels the application has got stuck and is not responding

Can anyone help me with that. I've tried to put a label and updates its text the the proces starts but it doesn't work out, even tried invalidating the label control.

I've tried doing the same but still nothing happens. The text is displayed when the application completes the full task.


Place an Applicaiton.DoEvents(); inside of the loop so that the main thread has a chance to service its message queue and this should allow your label to update.

// Jerry

Thanks got that worked out. I had to make safe thread calls.