I wonder if anyone know if VC++ 2008 express edition have the possibility to use Secure FTP (SFTP).
As I have understood that is not possible. (I am not talking about the SSL cerificate over FTP).

If not, I am searching for a library that goes with this. I have found "Chilkat" and "Curl" but cant figure out if this really works wich this GUI. Perheps there is any other alternative also that is a good idéa.
I am looking for a safe way for users to connect to a ftp server without Username and password to travel as clear text between the client and server.

For the moment I am using:


I see no reason why that compiler could not support Secure FTP -- FTP is not part of the C or C++ languages, so you would have to get the code in the form of a 3d party library. I have not done it myself, so I would be little help to you. If you are writing unmanaged code then Curl should work ok.