I am trying to update a webcontrol on a main site from a usercontrol but how can this be done.

Let's say I want to update an asp:textbox from a usercontrol on the page, but how is this done most respectfully. The usercontrol does ofcause not know the controls from the main site but I guess that the "findcontrol"-method (in the usercontrol) executed on the parent-control must do what I need (as long that I check that the control exist on the main page); but how is this done.

Something like this maybe:

<SOME TEXTBOX id="main">

USERCONTROL codebehind somewhere:
((Textbox)This.parent???.findcontrol("main")).Text = "something from uc";

I think ASP.NET forum http://www.daniweb.com/forums/forum18.html can answer but I'll give a solution
if UserControl has property = "something from UC" you can from the page holds the Usercontrol say textbox.Text = UC.PropertyName; and it's the correct the usercontrol should have no information about the page it's in. but the page should have.

thanks so much for useful info