Hi i am having alot of trouble understanding how I can triger an event when a bool value changes.

I have a very vague understanding that i require a delegate to handle the event ???? and I need to add the event to the event listner with += ????

I do not kow enough about this to understand the tutorials i have looked at, most of which are dealing with custom classes. Please can anyone help.


This snippet might help : ( at least the delegate part )

A delegate of type function is created. I can let it point to different functions which I can feed to one method. I don't have to use pointers the compiler takes care of that. Isn't that amazing?

In C# events are handled in a fashion where their are "publishers" and "subscribers". the "publisher" must define and fire the event, and all subscribed objects (which can be any object) will handle that event.

Delegates for an event typically accept 2 params, the object that fired the event, and the arguments to be passed to the event handler.


public delegate void boolChangeHandler(object sender, EventArgs e);
public event boolChangeHandler boolChanged;

boolChangeHandler is the name of the delegate, sender is the object that fired the event. EventArgs is defined under the System namespace. boolChanged is the name of the event, which is published to the Subscriber

now in the code on the object that raises the event, we can create a private virtual method to fire the event, that will first check to make sure that there are subscribers, and if not. then don't fire the event

protected virtual void OnboolChanged()
                if (boolChanged != null)
                    boolChanged();  // Fire the event!

and now to call the event
just calling


would fire your event in all your subscribers, but as for checking for change in a Boolean value, Im not sure of the best way, But you could use something like this

private bool checkBOOL(bool theBool, bool theHolder)
    if(theBool != theHolder)
        OnboolChanged();//fire event
        return theBool;
         return theHolder;

and just put a call to that method inside a timers tick event with some stuff to check update the holder variable

//having the actual bool to be checked and a holder bool variable both on a higher scope, in this example declared as myBool, and myHolder.

myHolder = checkBOOL(myBool, myHolder);

remember to initially set the mybool and myholder variables to the same value to keep the event from firing on load.

that code, inside a timer tick, every tick at the set interval would check to see if your current bool value was equal to that value at last check, it it is, then it doesn't change it, but if its not. it fires the event, then sets the holder to the new value to wait for it to happen again.

Best of luck with your application!
Happy Coding!

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