do you know any win32 smart device project tutorial?

you mean a wireless device such as a cell phone or barcode scanner? I would imagine it would depend on the compiler and the device type. I've done programming with Mobile 5.0 and Pocket PC operating systems on a barcode scanner (Symbols and Intermec) Those two scanners have completely different programming API even though they are running the same os.

i mean, when you have visual studio installed, you have "win32 smart device project" type in the available c++ projects dialog box.
i have never programmed in win32 and i dont know how to develop application yet win32 for smart devices.

I only have the Express edition which doesn't have that option. But I did worked with pro edition of 2005 compiler and that is the option needed to start a project for the wireless devices I was talking to. In addition to the compiler you have to get Device Driver SDK from the manufacturer of the hardware, such as from Symbols Technologies, Intermect Inc., etc. The 2005 compiler came with a smart device emulator while will let you get started coding for the os in general terms, but the emulator has very limited capabilities. There are lots of things the emulator can't do because they require physical hardware.

yeah but i still dont know how to program win32 applications on smart devices. i mean c++ applications using win32 API.

its almost identical to XP. There are some differences but you will learn them as you go an read the MSDN articles about the functions. If you know win32 on XP then doing the same on a smart device is not difficult.

>If you know win32 on XP then doing the same on a smart device is not difficult.

yeah that is the actual problem, i dont know win32 on XP, but i created my first win32 smart device application already, it just displays an innocent messagebox :)

learn win32 for a PC first because its a lot easier to debug. There are lots of tutorials, such as this one.

yeah but it doesnot help me do with pocketpc, the win32 support for pc and ppc is different.

I think Ancient Dragon was suggesting that you learn win32 for PC first because it will be easier to learn since it's easier to debug and there are more tutorials available for it. Once you have reached a certain proficiency with win32 for PC, the switch to coding for the pocketpc will not be difficult.

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