Hi could someone tell me how to pass a dynamic matrix to a function? Or where I have gone wrong? Thanks for the help!

for example:

void main()
int R,C;           /* r=rows, c=columns/*
double *A;     /* A is the matrix/*

/* I dynamically allocate my matrix (not too sure if correct)*/
double *A = malloc(R * C * sizeof(double)); 

/* assuming i have a function that calculates the determinant */

/* and free it later*/

void determinant(double *matrix, int r, int c)

have I passed the dynamic matrix to the function determinant correctly?

quick note:

you've already declared 'A' as type double * ... so don't declare the type a second time when you allocate the memory

otherwise you're passing the pointer as declared correctly, but you may want to reconsider how you define the array to begin with.

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