write an application that finds the smallest and average of twenty floating point numbers entered by the user.Use a for loop to capture the user input and store the numbers in an array. display the smallest number and the average of the numbers entered

i urgently write this program can someone help me with it plz?

Nope no ones going to write that code for you, but we will not mind helping you write it.

Here are some tutorials :-

  1. Taking user input from console on Java[ 1 , 2 , 3 ]
  2. The For Loop in Java
  3. Arrays

Put them all together and you should be able to create your program.

Ya I agree with Stephan84s. You should atleast give a try. Your problem is very easy. Just give a try. I am also new to Java but more you try better you will become. Practice makes perfect.

Look you know everything that needs to be done but still you don;'t want to try writing a code ? Its bad. Plz give it a try.


lol thnx guyz but i realli dont know anything in java nd dis is my exam question

lol thnx guyz but i realli dont know anything in java nd dis is my exam question

An exam for which no doubt you would have been given a decent time to prepare ?
Sorry "_Rosie_" but thats an all the more bigger reason why we shouldnt be helping you, cause it would be cheating. I have already given you links to the tutorials, if you can put them together, you can construct what you want.

lol thnx guyz but i realli dont know anything in java nd dis is my exam question

In that case you may fail .

And hopefully learn valuable lessons from that failure.

it was an open book exam which means u were allowed to search it on da net and get help from toher people...plus i only need java for this yr after this year i wont need java the rest of my life hopefully :) bdw thanx for da tutorials stephen i really appriciate it :)

The fact remains that you took the class that lasted several months. Meaning that all this time you should have studied. We have taken many exams on subjects that were for only 1 year and we would never come across again but that is not an excuse not to have studied.
Yes we would have helped you and provide you with solution under different circumstances but the simplicity of the questions indicates that you didn't study anything because the answers are very basic and easy. These are the first things that you get taught. So I see no reason to help you cheat.

open book exam means you're allowed to take a book for aid on the exam, normally, you don't get the questions up front. even if you're not that good at java and even if it was just a one hour course, it was a course, you've been tought, and the question itself is very, very easy.

this makes it even harder to believe that you still haven't even tried to solve it yourself, as you were told in the first replies.