Hi , Can ne1 tell me how 2 write a c++ program to find out the determinant of a (mxn ) matrix (need not to be square )..
If possible give me the code ,of some link whr I can find it ...

The Best way to find the determinant is to use the LEBNITZ or La-place theorems .I prefer the La Place Theorem Because it can be implemented by a simple Recursive Function.

I think that you should try to think over about how to find out the determinant of a 3x3 MATRIX and then slowly move to higher orders.

>>can u suggest some site whr I can get cpp codes ...

I guess google is the best way to Find them out.

@Sky Diploma : You didn't get him I suppose... He is directly asking for the codes. He is One of those highly honest lazy code hungry fellows... ;););)
Give him ten more links for great algorithms he will ask you a new one which will give him the codes directly.

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>Can ne1 tell me how 2 write a c++ program to find out the determinant of a (mxn )
Determinants are only defined for square matrix.
A far as writing of the program is concerned: "NO ONE IS GOING TO WRITE IT AND DELIVER IT TO YOU" The ONE in the last sentence stands for any person having sense.

You need you get out of the habit to beg for code. Doesn't it depletes your honor ?
Try out to write at least some code and then ask proudly : "This is what I try, and these are my problems"

A good pointer to determinant : http://local.wasp.uwa.edu.au/~pbourke/miscellaneous/determinant/