I am using eclipse under ubuntu for my work. I am calling a function with specified arguments. It builds correctly but while debugging it stops at the call giving the error as "no source available for function()"

int f1(a1,a2){
         //some description here
int main (){
     //call f1 here....program stops debuggin with the above specified error.

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post actual code

Dear "Ancient Dragon" [wow I am still laughing at my opening statement]

Actually I am not supposed to give actual code in any form outside my workplace..as mentioned in my agreement with the company. I am very sorry for this. But can you help me figure out what problems might cause this error.

>[wow I am still laughing at my opening statement]
Which statement?

Anyways, it would be very tough to troubleshoot if your code is sacred. Try to produce similar code which causes similar error then post it.

Saying anything without code would be senseless.

yes..I am doing that exactly right now

btw statement was "Dear ancient draggon"

Are you running in the debugger and it's stopping automatically? Or are you stepping through your code and getting this message when you try to step into the function? Your error sounds a lot like missing debug information during the build, not a problem with the code itself. Does the code run without error outside of the debugger?

I am in debugger and then while debugging it stops automatically giving those errors.
I also believe that this is due to missing debug information during the build ..but dont know how to fix it.

It's not an error at all. It's a simple info message. Fill the difference.

Dear ArKM
I wish it would have been infor. But debug terminates at that point without any output.

Sorry, I have not noticed that you are in ubuntu environment...
It's not a problem in the Visual Studio debugger.

Even though you haven't told us all of your situation, I surmise the problem is when you come to a function from a library that you did not write. When you get to that function, Just execute it (don't step into it).


I figured out that I do not have a header file for the function. The function is just written inside a .c file which is included in the building directory.
Can that be a source of error??
I am sorry I dont have that much time to check it by creating a new project.
Any ideas, great people of forum..

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