Dear all ,

I 'm new in , I wanna use NLP Processor in my project , but it runs with cmd.exe , it means I should open cmd.exe and type this code for run it ." c:\nlp>type\nlp\.... "
I have a big problem , I don't know how can i run cmd.exe in hide window? if you know plz tell me . thank so much .

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shell(c:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe, vbNormalFocus) ' ucan hide or maximise window

Thanks so much for your respond.I find how can i run cmd.exe but now my problem is how can i run this code"c:\nlp\type\nlp\examples\terxt|\nlp\bin\nlp.cmd show_tags " in cmd.exe ?


Dear all, thanks so much for your response, I have another question .
I have a list of adjective , I decide to search in wordnet dictionary to find the orientation of each adjective in list . How can i do it in ?
if you know please tell me . thanks so much .
samane .

Process.Start("c:\nlp\type\nlp\examples\terxt|\nlp\bin\nlp.cmd show_tags ")

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