hi everyone

is there anyway to get all cell values of a column in the jtable?

for instance i have to get all the values in column1 which are all integers and sum it up to the textbox.

:) thanks!

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JTable's getValueAt(int row, int column) method returns the value in any cell, so you can loop thru any col you like getting the values and adding them up.


yes, i know the getValueAt(int row,int col) method...but my issue here is that i do have a hundred records in column1 in the jtable.

how can i get the hundred records and sum it up in one textbox..how should i loop it..

:) thanks so much!

im still a newbie in java...still learning the language...:icon_redface:

thanks again!:icon_lol:


Here's the kind of loop you need. (I've left the detailed syntax for you to work out for yourself)

int total = 0;
for (int i = i; i < (number of rows in the table); i++ ) {
   total = total + value in cell(i, columnNumber);
display total in textBox;

hey everyone,
i need help in getting the sum of all values in column of a jtable and diplay it in a textfeild.it should also change when an item is edited
:) thanks