I'll try to get this as simple as possible. The problem is fairly simple.

long double a=100000000;

Well, the output this shows is "1e+08"

I do not want the output to be in exponential form. Rather, I want it to be printed as "100000000".

What shall I do?

Thnaks in advance.

Use std::fixed.

cout << std::fixed << a;

Hi...Thanks for a response.

But, I am getting the following errors:-

Type qualifier 'std' must be a struct or class anme in function main()

Statement misisng in function main()

The errors occur when the program is as follows:-


void main()

	 long double a=100000000.0;

Which compiler are you using?

using namespace std;

int main()
  long double a=100000000.0;
  return 0;

Use CodeBlocks compiler.

I'm using Turbo C++ 4.5

From where can I download codeblocks compiler?

I'm using Turbo C++ 4.5

From where can I download codeblocks compiler?


Include iomanip header file and use setiosflags(ios::fixed,ios::adjustfield) manipulator.

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"cout" doesn't support any specific formatting.

cout supports a lot of formatting options, and you can add more. It is a very flexible design, much more flexible than printf. But the design is very verbose and convoluted compared to printf.

You can use printf defined under stdio. Use a corresponding qualifier.

I agree. For most of the formatting jobs that printf can do, it is shorter and probably faster that cout. Which makes more sense here when printing fixed format with no precision?

#include <iostream>
#include <iomanip>
#include <cstdio>

using namespace std;

int main()
    long double value = 100000000.0;

    // chained modifiers on cout
    cout << fixed << setprecision(0) << value << '\n';

    // printf with a format string
    printf("%.0f\n", value);

The cout line is a little over twice as long, and it is not as obvious what the output will look like by skimming the code. I think formatting macros embedded in an output string are easier to figure out, but not having to type all of that extra junk is a big win.

Thanks for help everyone. Well, the problem si that I don't know how a printf function works. A link to guide on using printf would be highly appreciated.

Ok, Ok, Everyone screwed me. But, I felt that printf would be easier to format.

"printf" is often easier. unfortunately, that the way you worded your response was incorrect.
Those guys just can't handle different opinions.
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