Hi All,

I am trying to use z-buffer (also known as a depth buffer). I have researched this online and in books but all I have found so far is a brief description and then they throw an equation at you. The last line is usually, "it is very easy to implement". But I am having very hard time with this. From what I understand OpenGL makes this kind of stuff really easy. But I am trying/need to do this all manually. If anybody can help me how to implement this or point me in the right direction/references, I'll be eternally greatful.
I am using VS2005.

Also guys, I am farily new to programming so please be gentle.


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Hmmmmm.....Not exactly. I am actually trying to pprogram the z-buffer from scratch. DirectX and openGL do this transparently in the background. Yeah, I know its kind of nuts to it this way. But that's what I am getting my ass kicked.

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