Why the functionality of a java based app with file access and file processing methods valuable for this type of business....?

I believe that it is valuable because it allows the business to handle mutliple files from all over the wolrd and process them in a timely fashion.
Say for instance if I was one of these businesses that handled greeting cards and had customers around the world and they all began to put in orders and needed them yesterday. My app would be able to access their files, process their orders simultaneously and have their oders filled and sent accurately and if they decided to change some orders I would be able to go in and make the necessary changes and still be on time.
Am I on the right track or am I not understanding these functions.?

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Probably because your data is stored on servers, possibly multiple different servers, and you need some way of accessing it.


I am worried when you say "their files", and "all over the world". If you are talking about files/database on some server then I would agree, but if you are talking about files on a client computer, then definitely not.

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