I wanna copy an NTFs partition to another partition of same type and same size.And I tried with windows function
Copyfile() and it worked but slow speed is a problem.Then I did with readfile() and WriteFile() instead of Copyfile() again speed is a problem.

How can I get a better speed...??

I did the same operation in kernel mode and getting slow performance using zwCreatefile() ,zwReadfile() & zwWriteFile()...

How can I get a better speed .....?

Any idea to help me...

I know fundamentally Kernel mode(ring 0) is slower than User mode in speed ,(even if ring 0 can access Hardware directly).....

Apart them these I tried also Asynchronous operation by setting OVERLAPPED flag in CreateFile.... getting small improvement....

But that one doesn't give reasonable speed......

Any idea to help...

I have used the Acronis Disk director suite.I exclaimed after finding it's speed......???

Any idea to help me...???

Thanking you

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Thanks for the reply.....

Can you give me any links to the "white papers related to this section""

Any body know Any new algorithms......for the fast copy operation...

I searched but no way to get........

Thanking you

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