I'm writing an Email Client, and I need a JSplitPane that splits 4 or 5 JPanels instead of 2. I looked around and didn't really see anything that looked like what I need. I need it so I can adjust the size that is allotted to the subject, sender, date, ect. If I had to, I could try and write it, but it would be very time consuming.... So, does anyone have a solution?

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So let me see if I understand. You have five "areas", each of which you want to be connected to the other areas, and you want to be able to adjust the size of each of them?

Sun tutorial on JSplitPane, some paragraphs in:

"You can divide screen space among three or more components by putting split panes inside of split panes, as described in Nesting Split Panes"

//XXXX: Bug #4131528, borders on nested split panes accumulate.
        //Workaround: Set the border on any split pane within
        //another split pane to null. Components within nested split
        //panes need to have their own border for this to work well.

Ah-Ha! Yeah, that was what was happening to me. Awesome, thanks for linking me that section!

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