I need some tips to develop an application(Windows Forms, C#). My app will read/write data to/from database. I wonder to know how can I develop displaing some message during reading or writting data to database. I will be grateful if you support me with any ideas.

Unless you're threading the calls to the database then the application's main thread will be unresponsive while a database call is being performed. Basically: "your application will lock up until the database call is complete". Are you wanting to show a progress form while DB I/O is taking place?

I personally find that annoying in most cases. Unless you are executing some long running queries then I would let the user ponder for a minute while the app works.

If you do want to use a progress form while the DB I/O is happening then let me know. You can look in to using a background worker to help thread the calls.

so your advice Scott is to use threads? I would be really grateful if you would show me example of using progress form during reading from DB.

My advice isn't to use threads but i'm saying thats what you need to do for the functionality you requested. If these DB reads are returning in less than one second I would let the app freeze up for a second while it runs. I suppose the "best" way is to use threads but you're opening up a can of worms. How long is your DB read lasting?

Anyway here is how to do it. Make sure you look in the designer file. I stuck a "#warning" in there where you need to implement a form disposal.

Oh and I just noticed.. You will need to either stop a user from closing the progress form while the operation is running OR set the "supportsCancel" property on the background worker to true and handle cancelling your DB I/O calls.

reading from db takes about 20 seconds.
Thanks a lot for file you attached and ideas. I will try to go on with my app next week and apply you suggestions

Sounds good. What I do is set the form's border style to No Border so they don't have the close buttons and make a 'pretty' progress screen.

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